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In the dawn of the first Friday of 2020, January 3, two Hellfire missiles launched by an USAF MQ-9 Reaper drone hit upon vehicles of a convoy leaving Bagdad International Airport, in Iraq. The attack killed major-general Gasem Soleimani, Iran’s most important military leader, in addition to other important figures of Iraqi Shiite Militia. In spite of his title, Soleimani did not belong to the Army or other military forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He occupied the highest position in the hierarchy of the powerful Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps – a paramilitary organization directly reporting to

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Between Rotors And Rotary Wings
There were over 700 exhibitors distributed in the convention center of Anaheim in the United States that has received at least 15,000 visitors from tens of countries. The 71st edition of the Heli-Expo, promoted by the largest association dedicated to
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Purchase Guide 2020
List prices: FOB prices of aircrafts are based in the basic value publicized by manufacturers and in market references. Seats (pilot/passengers): The typical number specified in the columns is not the officially certified number by the aircraft. The
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The World’s Largest Twin-engine Aircraft
Boeing has promoted in this early 2020 the inaugural takeoff of its newest aircraft, the 777-9X. After some setbacks, the jet is now performing an extensive campaign of flight tests, which considers the increase of more test aircrafts in the program.