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: My five-year-old daughter has fallen for the girly pink thing. When she was younger, she practically only ever wore Queen Elsa’s dress from the Disney film which was pretty embarrassing for me socially. Now she loves all that glitters: make-up, earrings, nail polish. Disturbingly, she talks about these things as being a way to make people ‘like her’

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Uighur Women Sterilized
Hundreds of thousands of women in the Muslim majority province of Xinjiang are thought to have been subjected to regular pregnancy checks, coercive birth control and abortion procedures by the Chinese authorities, an investigation by Associated Press
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A Green Recovery
Many economies are now facing their worst downturn in more than a generation. Administrations across the world have agreed on Covid-19 financial rescue packages, designed to keep economies afloat in the short-term, including a stimulus package of mor
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Between Light and Storm
by Esther Woolfson (Granta, ISBN 97811783782796) Humans have been pondering our interaction with our co-inhabitants of Earth as long as we have been on the planet. Cave drawings and carvings depicting predators and prey species such as tig