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eter was three years old when his mother gave him to a poor family in the Amazon. When I met him, in a raid to release enslaved workers, he was 14 and illiterate. He had to work to buy his own shoes, clothes and medicine – he’d already had dengue fever once and malaria five times. Like many

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Argentina Message Of Hope
In a significant triumph for women’s rights, Argentina has legalized elective abortion – and in so doing may have paved the way for improved reproductive rights throughout Latin America. On 30 December 2020, Argentina’s Senate passed the Voluntary Te
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Jeff Bezos
JOB: Amazon Founder and World’s Richest Person REPUTATION: A grinning bully The popular caricature of the 19thcentury robber baron financier in the pulp press of the day was a well-dressed fat guy with a leering avaricious expression. Not so Jeff Bez
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Southern Exposure
And the beat goes on… Diego Quispe (drag name Shamcey La Vie) was one of the leading lights of Lima’s Vale Todo Downtown, Peru’s biggest LGBTQI+ discotheque. Then the Covid-19 pandemic struck. The club’s owners shifted their business into a Downtown