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In what proved to be a truly exceptional affair, the prestigious watch brand Patek Philippe, among the last family-owned watch companies from Geneva, shared its rich history and showcased 178 years of heritage and expertise in a recent exhibit that revealed the elements that contribute to the makings of a great timepiece and a strong family-owned enterprise.

The grand exhibit was held

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A Second Chance
How did the property look like when you first saw it? The original building [a clubhouse in a private subdivision in Cavite] had never been used, and was not well-maintained. It was dilapidated and in poor condition: holes in the ceiling and floor, p
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A Perfect Canvas
“The walls of your bedroom are essentially a canvas, not only for artwork or colour but also for your experience in the room,” says Alexandra Champalimaud, founder of Champalimaud Design. More than just a backdrop to your interior design scheme, a fe
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Close to Nature
This inviting rattan chair with a touch of teal highlights the power of its curves. Designed by Angelo Cadungog for the Cebuano furniture brand Finali, the Stade lounge chair easily converts into a bookshelf with its hollow armrests, perfect for leis