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Shonali Mahajan

Studio Wodehouse is the brainchild of Shonali Mahajan, whose design

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Style Notes
Wooden houses are gradually gaining popularity in India. Especially in areas with infrastructure and accessibility challenges, a growing awareness of the relationship between human health, the environment and the economy has given rise to the concept
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When It Clicked
I spend a lot of time talking to photographers. Briefing them on the corners of a house they shouldn’t miss, on the temperament of the homeowner and why we commissioned them for a particular project. Calling in feedback on images while they’re shooti
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Bharat Sikka
I am a person who hates to be photographed but once, many years ago, Bharat shot me outside my home. He may have no recollection of it. But there I am, young, standing with my hands folded against my chest, and in the background are electricity wires