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There is nothing remotely prehistoric about 500BC—the brand or the epoch. “[The epoch] marked the beginning of the Axial Age, which ushered in the period of some great thinkers—Socrates, Mahavir, Buddha, Confucius,” says Anandita Shah. And 500BC the brand, which she co-founded

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André Fu
It’s a place of near-constant buzz, of bright city lights and a hyper-modern vibe that appears to perpetually crest the currents of heightened activity. André Fu’s idea of home in Hong Kong, however, exists in the slipstream of that ever-flowing wave
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Ad100 Trophy
When Mumbai-based design firm Case Design first began imagining the AD100 trophy in 2017, inspiration struck while working on their Topologic bowls, a collection of shallow vessels that plays with squares, circles and triangles. Three years since, th
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Moving meditations of Sufi whirling dervishes, decorated Persian tombs in the Indian Deccan, the Japanese art of repairing what’s broken—none of this is new. Neither is bidri, the centuries-old metal handicraft from the hilltop city of Bidar in Karna