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There is nothing remotely prehistoric about 500BC—the brand or the epoch. “[The epoch] marked the beginning of the Axial Age, which ushered in the period of some great thinkers—Socrates, Mahavir, Buddha, Confucius,” says Anandita Shah. And 500BC the brand, which she co-founded

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Coromandel Walls
De Gournay’s wallpapers have long been known for their visual splendour, replete with marvellous storytelling and scenic subtleties. The hand-painted ‘Coco Coromandel’ chinoiserie wallpaper, launched four years ago, was one such masterpiece that had
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After Party
It’s the end of our last issue of 2020. Our final notes, an artist’s mood board and a cartoon you will want to post on Instagram. ■
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Ashish Gupta
Ashish Gupta is a mild-mannered man, but there are certain things that he cannot abide. The unnecessary chopping down of trees, for instance. Two years ago, after weeks of campaigning to save the lime, hawthorn and cherry trees scheduled for felling