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Our love for jewellery goes back to the Paleolithic Age. Much before we discovered diamonds and carats, we were fashioning ornaments out of shells and bones. Over the centuries, precious stones and metals came along,

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Using Their Influence
Influencer and entrepreneur Afshan Nasseri straddles varied worlds: she was born in Montreal to an Indian mother and an Irani father, raised in suburban Massachusetts, and is now a master’s student in London. Her Instagram followers know her as @life
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Shine like Ananya
Authenticity is having a moment. The aphorism reoccurs to me as I hop on a Zoom call with Gen-Z sensation Ananya Panday, who appears every bit as unguarded and relaxed as her Instagram self. The doe-eyed actor’s signature wide smile, sun-kissed skin
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Savio Jon
Savio Jon. In his own quiet way, the designer has led the movement for long-lasting design and small, sustainable production cycles with a focus on dressing for comfort. With his new store 280 Siolim, he’s looking to bring his vision board to life. “