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Ethical dilemma

A teacher once presented me with a dilemma: “You are the passenger in a car that at times goes over the speed limit, although the driver is mostly within the limit, is focused, and abides by all other road rules. A pedestrian steps out onto the road and the car hits them, killing them instantly. You know the

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Our Conscious Perception
Think of the outline of Australia as it appears on a map. Visualise it. What do you see? Recently someone posted an image of this outline on social media showing how it can be seen as a dog’s head (perhaps a Scottish terrier) facing left, joined to a
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Writers’ award XXIX
Award XXIX: purpose. Closes 10 December 2020 Award XXX: perception. Closes 10 March 2021 Email your piece to For full details visit Open to subscribers only. ■
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Under The Influence
I was reading a picture book with my daughter when she said, “Look, the Snow Queen is bigger now.”Surprised, I answered – “Oh, she’s not smaller there, just further away.” My daughter looked at me like I’d lost my mind. Why had I said that the Snow Q