New Philosopher

Humans of the Anthropocene

You can walk to the beach from where we are staying. It’s a long peel of dun-coloured sand bordered by tidy rainbow summer houses, monotonous black and white condos, and monstrous blue McMansions that blister the length of the Delmarva Peninsula. On the other side of the sand lies the heaving, implacable mass of unfathomable grey-green water that covers nearly three-quarters of the globe, once a boundary between the known and unknown, a limit-space of mystery and terror, now tamed, or so we think, to a vacation fun zone. There are lifeguards, though, lean summer kids with lazy tans, and to the north, rising from the low trees, towers built

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An Accidental Witness
There are only two of us left now. Only one of the two saw and heard what death dealt out to our parents and brothers. It makes a difference if you observe death at work, often slowly, not dramatically, as might be the case in a battle or when some p
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My One And Only
I never intended to have just one child. But when my daughter came along, we haphazardly adjusted to being a three and the newly-formed family felt so right that we couldn’t see our way to disrupting it by adding a fourth to our number. Three had a m
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Keeping It In The Family
It was the year 1015 and Theophylactus, a noble from the powerful Tusculum family of Rome, found himself in a fix. He had successfully seen off his last rival and ascended to the most powerful seat in the known world to become pontifex maximus. But t