Eliza Reid The First Lady of Iceland

You are Canadian, yet relocated to Iceland, another cold climate…

I moved to Iceland for love. My husband and I met in graduate school in England and if we were going to be together it was going to be in Iceland. But maybe the fact that I know winters, I know cold climates, it’s

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In And Out Of Reality
I am sure that one of the strangest and most extraordinary experiences of my life will always be my journey to the Peruvian Amazon to take part in an ayahuasca retreat. Back in 2017, I was researching a book about how westerners find ‘ecstatic experi
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Shout Out
The door was shut. I looked betweenIts iron bars; and saw it lie,My garden, mine, beneath the sky,Pied with all flowers bedewed and green: From bough to bough the song-birds crossed,From flower to flower the moths and bees;With all its nests and stat