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We are in no hurry.We are in this for a lifetime and we are enjoying the process and documenting everything that we do to create our own story one day.
— Srikanth Varma, Co-Founder & Principal Designer, Esvee Atelier

In a world obsessed with large, complicated and shiny designs, Srikanth. It’s back then, at the awards ceremony (held last year in October), that we first met with Srikanth and our immediate impression was, “he’s a purist alright!” Cut to present day, to this candid conversation with the bespoke furniture designer and he further drives home this impression.... “I believe ‘Nothing more nothing less’. My design process is always about trying to achieve a state in design where one does not feel the necessity to add or subtract anything. My approach is not to reduce the design to its simplest but add a small interesting detail in the process which is an integral part of the design. I would very much like my furniture to become a part of the conversation that is happening in its space.”

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