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“Our first order of business was to strip away the original workspace and reveal the potential of the bare site. The design was then created on this blank– Namrata Rawlani,

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By the Green Book
INthese unprecedented yet hopeful times, the world has had time to reflect on the benefits of eco-conscious building, going green and becoming climate positive. Designers are responsible for improving sustainable practices across the industry. Change
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Building Blocks
CLICK HERE TO READ MORE www.goodhomes.co.in/home-and-design-trends/architecture/this-bengaluru-residence-is-distinctly-modern-yet-rooted-in-nature-6908.html ■
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Design In Context
Combining the functionality of a feeding tray and the shape of a spinning top, the Toupy shelf by Joan Bebronne of Mlle Jo is a sculptural piece of furniture that’s designed to last. Its primary design highlight is that it makes its presence felt wit