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To build creative interest in people is challenging for makers, appreciators and curators. But ex-adman Aditya Mehta has managed to invoke a love for art and design in India with his enterprising start-up, Art&Found. An online aggregator for art and artists, Art&Found is a platform focused on taking

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State Of Calm
CLICK HERE TO READ MORE www.goodhomes.co.in/home-and-design-trends/architecture/this-row-house-in-pune-is-in-a-perpetual-state-of-calm-6923.html ■
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A Legacy, By Art
THE world’s most inconic structures by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright made their virtual debut in the form of illustrations in October this year for the sequel of the Frank Lloyd Wright: Timeless exhibition. An initiative by the Frank Lloyd Wrigh
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One of the first few lessons I learned on the job was to be able to distinguish style from trend. Coming from a literature and journalism background, the first few months were daunting, to say the least. I almost chickened out and decided to focus on