Opinion: An Appeal To Youth To Face Coronavirus With Self-Sacrifice, Not Selfishness

The reaction of those in their teens and 20s can have an impact on the spread of the disease — and on their own moral character, the author says.
Customers at this take-out window in Miami on March 20 were not practicing social distancing. Source: Scott McIntyre

Within the past few weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has derailed my plans and expectations for my first year of medical school. It has canceled trips and internships. It has moved classes and social interactions online, dissolving my community as I knew it.

As a healthy, 20-something, I know that if I contract COVID-19, I am less likely to die than older adults like my parents or those with preexisting conditions.

So why should teens and 20-somethings give up hanging out with friends? Why should we

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