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amous for opera performances that are held in the city’s 1st century Roman Arena and as the home of the world’s most famous fictional lovers, Romeo and Juliet, the Verona of today is also a must-visit destination for fine wine. Located in northern Italy’s Veneto region, the city boasts a lively restaurant and wine bar scene, and Vinitaly, the country’s most important annual

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Bar None
While we may miss the camaraderie and conversation shared at bars, there’s no need to long for a meal made up of bar snacks. The bold, flavorful, easy-to-grab bites beloved by animated hand-talkers everywhere taste just as good on your couch as they
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Known for hits like “Wherever is Your Heart” and “The Story,” Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter/producer Brandi Carlile is beloved for her collaborative spirit and the philanthropic energy she pours into every project. In 2019, she channeled bot
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Reimagining Woodinville
As a wine region, Woodinville is full of contradictions. While the town itself has a rich agrarian history, whatever grapevines exist are purely decorative. Almost all of the state’s grapes are grown at least 100 miles to the east. With a population