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elow are seven messages—pithy sayings, fascinating facts, and a cartoon gag—that have been translated into simple cipher alphabets. Letter substitutions remain constant throughout any one cipher, but change from one cipher to the next; the level of difficulty increases as you

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Solitaire Hangman
As in the two-player version of Hangman, the object of this solitaire challenge is to guess a word before being “hanged.” To begin, choose any letter that you think might appear in word I below. Suppose you pick E. Go to the Letter Chart on the facin
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Pencil Pointers 2
In this crossword puzzle, the clues appear in the grid itself. Enter the answers in the direction of the pointers.
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As awareness about racial inequality grows, various organizations are being forced to make decisions they likely hadn’t been expecting to make. A perfect example is the NFL’s Washington Redskins, who recently succumbed to pressure from activists and