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The choice of colours will have a real impact on the mood of a painting and also the dynamic, exciting the eye with the visual impact. A basic knowledge of colour is essential to achieve successful mixes and combinations – a lot of time and paint may be wasted otherwise. Artists usually develop their own selection of colours that they prefer and then choose from them for specific paintings. My own basic palette is based around

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When I was five, I entered a drawing competition. I drew a picture of children dancing around a maypole and I remember the day the headteacher came into class to tell me I’d won. It was a formative moment. I also loved reading anything by Richard Sc
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•Watercolours Payne’s Grey, Phthalo Blue, Forest Green, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Lemon Yellow, Vermilion and Chinese White •Brushes Round brushes, sizes 2, 4, 8 and 12; short flat brush, 3/4” •Paper Cold-pressed 300gsm watercolour paper •3H pen
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Paint with Purpose
Whether you are a painter, a printmaker or even a sculptor, gently instigating a regular drawing habit will feed your practice enormously. Quick sketches of anything around you, whether in your home or out in the environment, will soon show you what