Cowboys & Indians

Faith, Family & The Feast

IN A WORLD THAT MOVES AT A LIGHTNING PACE, COWBOY, CHEF, AND storyteller Kent Rollins and his wife, Shannon, just want everybody to slow down and sit for a spell, and remember what life was like during simpler times, before 5G was a thing — heck, before 4G, and maybe even the internet. The chuck wagon cooking duo have just come out with their second cookbook, Faith, Family & The (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), which celebrates the food of the West and the South. It’s not great just because it’s filled with all their own original recipes, chuck wagon- and cowboy-tested with a generous helping of true-life campfire stories and poetry throughout. It’s the closest thing to feeling like you’re right there with them, drinking coffee out of an enamel cup around the crackling predawn fire, waiting for the flapjacks to be flipped and stacked on your plate.

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