How It Works

Traffic management

Takeoff and landing

s one of the most complicated and crucial parts of any aircraft’s journey, traffic-management systems could focus on smooth

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Scientists Spot The Farthest Galaxy In The Universe
Astronomers have peered out into the vast expanse and spotted what they think is the farthest – and oldest – galaxy ever observed. GN-z11 appears to be the most distant and oldest galaxy ever detected. Astronomers led by Nobunari Kashikawa, a profess
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How It Works1 mnt membacaScience & Mathematics
An Angel, Devil And A Heart Appear On Mars
It’s summer at the south pole of Mars, and the angels and devils are coming out to play. You can see them both in a stunning image of its thawed pole, taken by the European Space Agency (ESA). The devils, it should be said, are made of dust. Just lik