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Look What’s Inside...
The Woman’s Day team has been eagerly awaiting the return of Dancing With The Stars for weeks. With some of the past winners hitting the dancefloor, as far as we’re concerned the new contestants have some big tap shoes to fill. This week we chat to b
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My Life As A Secret Wwii Codebreaker
It is hard to believe now, but Coral Hinds never felt her work as a WWII cypher operator was remarkable. “Really, we didn’t know what was happening. We went in and we did the job,” Coral tells Woman’s Day from her home in Frankston South, Victoria. “
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Sam’s New ‘Quiet Life’
After selling all her own property, Sam now resides at husband Richard’s 40-hectare estate in Bowral in the NSW Southern Highlands, along with her father and her dog Banjo. The newlyweds are said to rarely leave the compound and instead invite guests