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For more than fifty years Axel Vervoordt has set the standards in the fields of antiques, arts and interior design. He left his mark all over the planet with his approach and taste. His name became a well-known brand for connoisseurs and is

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14-gauge Corten And More
The owners of the house are a couple of environmental scientists who, along with their two sons, relocated from the Oakland Hills to the warmer climate of Orinda, California. Their commitment to sustainability, included a request for net-zero energy
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Divine Sounds Outta Barn Church
It is an old wooden church built on the outside in the shape of a barn. It is located on the Papenpad along a small water in the picturesque town of Zaandam, the Netherlands. The church dates back from 1659 and was completely restored in 1927. Recent
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Authenticity is the key element in the interior landscape. Despite the fact that many interior brands go into great length to underline the authenticity of their creations. The characterization, however, is often a faraway cry for their actual creati