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takes all kinds to make the world go round, and I for one love the variety of people who share their stories with Woman’s Day. Diversity comes in many forms – race, religion, gender,

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Turn Down The Heat
“If you’re carrying some extra weight, symptoms such as hot flushes may be even more uncomfortable for you,” Maryl-Ann explains. Consistently eating a balanced diet is a good place to begin. “Hot flushes can be exacerbated with alcohol, so it’s be
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Delivered In A Dash!
Get your last-minute ingredients delivered direct to your door in just 60 minutes! Recently launched in Melbourne and Sydney, Dash Delivers can complete your grocery shop between 8am and 10pm, seven days per week with a delivery fee of just $4.99. Av
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Just two months after Woman’s Day revealed that recently single Kyly Clarke was getting close to her handsome House Rules co-host, Saul Myers, the pair have gone public! The renovation gurus, who have just wrapped up their first season of the hit sho