21 Mar – 20 Apr

You’re still in the land of mists and maybes, so don’t be tempted to provide answers when you don’t have the facts. In a week’s time, you’ll be in the know.

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The Best Make-up Tools Under £20
Make sure your brush is large enough to cover the wider areas of your face without streaking, and that it has soft hairs for comfortable application. Not only can B. Large Fluffy Blending Bronzing Makeup Brush, £11.99, Superdrug, apply both bases and
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Write to Suzie at Family Dilemmas, 161 Marsh Wall, London E14 9AP, or you can send an email with your personal problem to asksuzie@futurenet.com. You can also write to Dr Philippa, Linda and Susan at the postal address above or send them an email wit
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Looking to warm up your complexion? Don’t alter the shade of your base, stick to one that disappears seamlessly into your natural skin tone and use a bronzer to pep it up instead. Apply where the sun would naturally hit, like the apples of your cheek