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New Kid

LO’CA gives a couple space to entertain in a 4.5-metre 1870s cottage in Thorndon, Wellington.

FIONA BARR, OWNER Our house is one in a row of three identical cottages; it’s in a great location but was small for our needs. We wanted a modern renovation that would respect the history of the building.

The existing kitchen-dining area could only

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Jason Whiteley
Tell us about your background. I grew up in the western suburbs of Christchurch. When I was two my parents designed and built a four-bedroom house and have lived there ever since. My father ran a manufacturing company that originally did heavy contra
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Design Notebook
What were the most technically challenging aspects of the project? In many ways we had a perfect scenario – clients who were open and ready to have their brief challenged, an unparalleled site, and we had seriously good builders. This placed a bit of
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Full Voltage
Before the iPhone, we all just had phones, right? And before the Tesla, you just had an electric car. In designing a new car from the ground up, Tesla has rethought everything. There is no key to the Tesla: you run it through an app. It can self-driv