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The Consolations of Cartography

everal years ago, I had the opportunity to give United States Marine Corps general Anthony Zinni a ride from a bookstore in Pasadena to a dinner party in the Hollywood Hills, up a tangle of narrow streets. This was before the ubiquity of Waze or Google Maps, before I had a car with GPS. To get the general to his dinner, I consulted a map: an old Thomas Bros. Guide I kept in the glove box, to be exact. When we arrived, he patted me on the

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A Poet in Her Element
Kay Ryan’s new book, Synthesizing Gravity: Selected Prose, is a pleasing size: 200 or so pages, small enough to balance in your hand. The titles of the essays—“A Consideration of Poetry,” “I Go to AWP,” “Inedible Melons,” “To Be Miniature Is to Be Sw
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Burn, Baby, Burn
Mike Davis and Jon Wiener’s Set the Night on Fire: L.A. in the Sixties is both a fierce political and cultural history and a geographic corrective. The Los Angeles of the 1960s is so much more than the hilly bohemia of folk-rock balladeers, their liv
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Downhill White Supremacists March on Sacramento
High in the Sierragreen summer aspenwhisper to the lake.The snowpack glitters.Over the passesWinnebago thunderout of the wide red flats of Nevada.Huge crooked knuckles,the dark screes loom.Deep in the roadbeds,the bones of the Irish& Chinese workersw