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Spring is in the air and our garden birds have just one thing on their minds… Cue deafening dawn choruses, curious courtships and brutal territorial battles.


Blessed with large eyes, blackbirds are able to see in low light, giving them a distinct advantage when catching the ‘early worm’. Blackbirds also have

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Start your day with this grownup version of egg and soldiers. SERVES 2 261 cals, 13.5g fat, 5g sat fat, 18g carbs ✣ Small handful of baby spinach✣ 4tbsp reduced-fat creme fraiche✣ 2 large eggs✣ 30g (1oz) smoked salmon, cut into strips✣ 2 slices
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Keep your eyes peeled! From chaffinches to starlings and blackbirds to blue tits, the RSPB wants to know exactly which birds you see over the course of an hour in your garden or local park. The Big Garden Birdwatch is now the world’s largest garden w