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SEVERAL YEARS AGO, I READ studies that revealed the huge amount of chemicals we’re exposed to by the different toiletries and personal

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Wednesday, January 20
RATHER THAN CHOOSING BETWEEN THE two, I’ve been both a coffee and a tea drinker, depending on the time of day and my mood. For years, I considered myself a purist—black coffee only. Why would anyone want to mar the wonder of deep, rich, bracing black
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Saturday, February 20
I LOVE OREGON’S WILD COAST. Though it’s stunning during the summer, I’m a storm watcher, so every winter I travel to a historic inn at a tiny seaside town. Rain pelts the windows and sneaks in under the doorjambs at this oceanfront place. Trees twist
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Friday, February 19
WHEN I BECAME A CHRISTIAN, I stopped listening to certain music to avoid unhelpful temptations. I stopped wearing certain clothes to avoid attention I no longer wanted. I quit drinking. I stopped going certain places and socializing with certain peop