Mornings with Jesus


AS A MIDDLE-SCHOOL TEACHER, I find that the end of the grading period is fraught with anxiety. I am rushing to grade end-of-quarter projects while my students

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New Year’s Day, Friday, January 1
AT THE START OF EACH year, I ask Jesus to take control of my calendar. I also ask Him to fill in the blank dates to mesh with His purposes for me. This practice keeps me mindful of my role: I’m His servant, here to do His bidding. He alone knows what
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Friday, February 19
WHEN I BECAME A CHRISTIAN, I stopped listening to certain music to avoid unhelpful temptations. I stopped wearing certain clothes to avoid attention I no longer wanted. I quit drinking. I stopped going certain places and socializing with certain peop
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Monday, February 1
THERE IS A DEEP JOY—THE sort of meaningful, overwhelming, heart-swelling sort of joy—that can’t be expressed in words alone. Because I was a dancer and choreographer in my younger days, my eyes light up when I come across a Bible verse that mentions