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Waste not, want not

I’m very lucky to be given a selection of game on a regular basis, so there’s always a frozen rabbit or a couple of pigeon breasts in reserve. Sometimes I am given a pheasant or a brace of partridge, and there’s a farmers’ market in town once a fortnight, where I

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Letter Of The Month
I was dismayed to find the word ‘woke’ appearing twice (once without inverted commas) in your article Sick As A Parrot [March issue]. ‘Woke’ is an often misused term that is used increasingly by certain commentators to deride the views and motives of
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Leave It Means Leave It
There are some commands your gundog can be taught from an early age and will stay with him for the rest of his career. Sit, stay, heel, come are a few of the more common ones. But the ‘leave it’ command is the one that if you can condition your dog t
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Adventures of Nick & Ted
Age 61 months At last, lockdown is to be eased and we can resume some kind of normality. I am hopeful that I may be able to take part in a few working tests in the spring or early summer, as I am really keen to give young Percy a spin, though I may