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uman beings all have similar emotional needs that must be fulfilled for our self-esteem and self-worth. If we are not getting one of our

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What’s The Rush?
‘Taking the slow road is all about meandering, taking your time and travelling at a pace that enables you to immerse yourself in a place, its people and their customs,’ says Martin Dorey – a keen surfer, environmentalist and creator of the #2MinuteBe
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Homemade Homage To
Have you ever made your own pasta? It sounds daunting but it’s easier than you think. Homemade is a cut above, and you don’t need a pasta maker for a rustic ravioli and more. If you have flour and eggs, you can whip up a batch of silky goodness; then
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Own Press Button Your
‘Create a ‘‘calm button’’ at a time when you are completely serene – maybe going to sleep, or in the bath – by squeezing either side of your palm with your thumb and forefinger. Really tune in to how your body is feeling. Do that 15 times. Then, the