Computer Music


WordBuilder’s phrase generator interface is incorporated in Play and with the corresponding patch (WB Multi) loaded, the WordBuilder button in the top

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Drum Role, Please
Drums rarely play the same sort of role in Kosmische Musik as they do in other genres. When Tangerine Dream kick-started the Berlin School with their Phaedra album, they tapped into Moog’s 960 sequencer module to create a sense of rhythm in lieu of e
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Pro Tips
If you have a nice-sounding kick, but the lowest (sub) frequencies are not strong/clean enough, try replacing them with a solid sine wave. First, add a high-pass filter to your original kick, set the frequency around 50-90Hz. Next, layer the kick wit
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The term ambient music was coined in the 70s by ex-Roxy Music band member and ostrich feather aficionado Brian Eno, who developed new ideas about music while incapacitated after a car accident. As the story goes, a visitor put on a record on her wa