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Time to Look on the Bright Side

Kreisha Ballantyne is one of the most recognisable aviation writers in Australia. With experience writing for several aviation titles, Kreisha has a broad base of experience, an ability to tap into important general aviation issues and a talent for expressing in simple terms what everyone is thinking. An active pilot, she lives and loves aviation.

I realised recently that life as an aviation writer involves writing multiple articles detailing the negatives of our industry. My work for other publications reports airport closures and rallies against unfair legislation, as well as examining what’s gone wrong as a result of safety SNAFUs and inattention to the vital details that keep us, as pilots, alive. Even this column, in which I’m privileged to been given relatively free reign over content, I have griped about flight training, the state of flying schools and

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Conspicuous Presence
Australia’s GA pilots have a history of getting their hackles up whenever the word “mandate” filters down from the regulator. It usually means compulsory cost for something many in the community don’t believe is actually needed. Even now, the angst o