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How long have you been interested in growing your own veg and when did you start your first veg patch?

Our first vegetable patch began when we moved to our cottage almost four years ago. I saw some vegetable plugs in the garden centre and on a whim popped them in my basket. I got home and plonked them in a desolate patch of soil and hoped for the best. Most were planted at the wrong time of the year, our beetroot and cauliflower bolted, and our carrots had holes all over them. I was left feeling rather befuddled. The few edible crops that did make it to the kitchen made me so happy. I was absolutely determined to do better next year. If farmers can produce great big fields of vegetables, then why couldn’t I grow enough for my family? My husband saw my frustration and thoughtfully bought me a guide to growing vegetables. Little did he know

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Kitchen Garden
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