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A galaxy of petals

NO plants are more generous than summer-flowering annuals. Masses of colour, over a long period, with a minimum of effort are exactly the things of which most of us dream. One of the stars in the summer annual galaxy is Cosmos. Floriferous and easy to grow, its daisy-like flowers and airy foliage luxuriate in borders and stand stately

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A Novel Note
‘Sorry for your loss, I hear over and over. What does that even mean? Your loss? It gets stuck right in the knot of anger balled tight in my chest, because lost is tied to hope, which is connected to found, as if you will be returned to me at some po
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Take It Outside
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The Plants
At the centre of all the beds are forms of Magnolia grandiflora (‘Galissonnière', ‘Maryland', ‘Exmouth' and ‘Saint George'), flanked by Rosa ‘Alexander' (‘Harlex'), ‘Paul's Scarlet Climber' and ‘Blairii Number Two'. In the cool, inner pair of beds, p