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Best New Apps
. Android/iOS, Free According to the app listing, every download of Recolour the Reef over the next couple of months will donate some amount to conservation efforts for the great Barrier Reef. After a bit of research it seems legit and is backed by
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LG Cx Oled TV (oled65cx)
$4,195, The LG CX OLED TV might not look like a huge step forward in comparison to last year’s popular LG C9. However, behind-the-scenes LG has done a great job at focusing on the niggles that we had in the previous model. What that me
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Valve Index
$2,999, Valve has played a huge and important part in pushing virtual reality forwards over the years with its tracking system and SteamVR platform. But it didn’t launch its own VR headset until 2019, the Valve Index. Even tod