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HOW TO Lock Down Your Network
1 LOCK DOWN ROUTER Open your browser and log into your router’s configuration utility via its IP address. If you’ve not yet done so, look for an administration section where you can change the password (choose a strong one using your password manager
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It Takes Two
$49.95, PlayStation, Xbox, PC, It takes a bold man to risk thousands of dollars on the promise that no-one will find their game boring. But Josef Fares is just that brazen. After watching the credits roll on his latest co-op adventur
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Nvidia Mining GPUs Bring In Three Times More Revenue Than Expected
In a statement to investors, Nvidia announced that its fiscal Q1 2022 revenue was exceeding expectations, raising the company’s anticipated revenue from its new crypto mining processors (CMPs) to US$150 million (AU$196.3 million), up from US$50 milli