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OPTIMISE YOUR RECEPTACLE A vase with a narrow opening will help your blooms hold together (great if you’ve only got a few flowers), while a vase with a wide opening will spread them out more.

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Comfort Zone
For this risotto, Café del Sol steers clear of standard arborio rice (which they feel can get stodgy quite quickly) in favour of top quality nano rice, which absorbs a little less liquid. The kicker for any mushroom risotto is, of course, the mushro
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Smart Swap
Use almond or oat milk to replace the coconut cream. To jazz up the pudding, pour the mixture into a greased pudding dish and make a batch of the queen of pudding’s meringue topping (see p 82). Spoon the meringue over the sago with some marmalade or
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Win A Copy
Anna Jones, who started her career working with Jamie Oliver, is renowned for her focus on innovative vegetarian cooking. She wrote “The Modern Cook” column for The Guardian for several years, and One: Pot, Pan, Planet (HarperCollins, distributed in