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A boomtown of upmarket gated housing estates and big-brand shiny consumer retail spaces set among the sugar cane and lush sub-tropical foliage. While central (old) Durban changes hands like a banknote and struggles lackadaisically against the nickname “Dirtbin”, the north rises like a shiny pulsing beacon of opportunity, leisure and luxury.

Now I have a theory to explain Durban’s moneyed migration north. The whole idea of the North Coast is premised on it being a clean break from the past, much like the Sandton CBD or the West Coast of Cape Town. None of this existed during apartheid. The buildings and spaces are devoid of historical baggage and context, albeit still shaped by the ghost hand of our underlying structural inequalities. This is the South African lifestyle as envisioned by capital. And while this may make the average university-read socialist uncomfortable, New Durban, with its heady Indian Ocean inspirations and Shaka-goes-to-Disneyland aesthetic, is a land of many treasures.

The weather here is peachy – languid summers, pinch-yourself mild winters. It’s literally 300 days of flip flops a year. There are many options to get a roof over

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Serves 4 EASY Preparation: 5 minutes Cooking: 10 minutes chilli con carne spice mix 1 Tplant-based savoury mince 2 x 180 g punnetsmild chunky salsa 1 x 400 g jarsalsa nacho chips 1 x 250 g packetcrunchy summer salad 290 g, for serving olive oil 2
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When my restaurant was cooking, I was the master of the 15-minute home dinner. I would return home from The Kitchen, a bizarre mix of perfume and food clinging to my clothes, to perform a short-order dinner for my family. Invariably, it was a hasty a
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