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Critiquing car design in 1907

“From the standpoint of simple utility and economy, the pleasure car is still a very long way from the ideal state,” stated an anonymous auto expert in a 1907 New York magazine. The publication was directed to the auto business and to any readers in the public sector who might have held an interest in the automotive craze that was growing by leaps and bounds in America.

Up to 1907, the American automobile business had little to mimic along its track except what had taken place in the

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COVID-19 has touched nearly every facet of our lives. Our work, worship, education, recreation — and even our favorite antique automobile events. The Antique Automobile Club of America, headquartered in Hershey, Pa., typically hosts a large slate of
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Model T Heaven
Back in the mid 1970s, a 15-year-old boy followed his brother to a local Spokane Valley, Wash., parts yard and helped him get some needed items for a Ford Model T restoration. There was an immediate fascination with this magical yard, and now more th