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Question: Why did you become an entrepreneur?

Answer: I wanted to gain control over my life. [Cue the laugh track.]

is an act of agency. Growing one, founders soon learn, is

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Thanks For Taking The Gloom Away
On a recent podcast, the host and I were discussing the challenges we’re all facing at the tail end of 2020, and I said something about being hopeful for the future. Paul Blanchard, the man interviewing me for Media Masters, wasn’t having it. “Well,
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Wisdom Of Women
ONE OF THE MOST telling definitions of entrepreneurship, courtesy of Howard Stevenson, a professor emeritus at Harvard Business School, is also one of the simplest: the pursuit of opportunity beyond the resources controlled. And let’s face it: In 202
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Oracles Of Inc.
AT INC., WE TOO ARE IN the soothsaying business. Five years ago, for example, we wrote that more of us would be working from home in 2020. Well, we got that right-though nobody guessed that all of us would be working from home in 2020. Anticipating t