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inding peace in everyday routines has never been more important. Here, , a Boca Raton–based psychologist, whose specialties include advanced training in mindfulness, shares techniques for

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Food For The S Oul
Trinnette Morris grew up in a culinary family. Her father was head chef at the former Harvest House at the Palm Beach Mall, and she helped out in her parents’ catering business as a child. After training as a teacher and working as an assistant princ
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Rise Up
As West Palm Beach resident Ricky Aiken sees it, the circumstances you’re born into don’t have to be a life sentence. The rough streets he grew up on showed him firsthand the devastating effects of gun violence and the hard-to-break cycle of poverty,
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WOMEN in Wine
Nearly 40 years ago, professor Linda Bartoshuk’s research into the physiology of taste electrified the wine world. She determined that certain people have a higher concentration of taste receptors on their tongues, and she designated those individual