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Self-care Is The Key
Post-Covid protocols that medical experts recommend Avoid heavy and rich food Drink hot water and keep yourself well hydrated Do steam inhalation and gargle often Monitor health with doctors even after testing negative; report sudden symptoms or per
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Hidden Gems
OatWow by Urban platter is a 100 per cent plant-based Oat Milk made from the finest quality oats. and Kocotrait by L Nitinchordia, India’s 1st and only certified chocolate taster. It is the world’s 1st ecological luxury, zer
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Agriculture Is The New Culture
You may or may not find organic Portobello mushrooms or heirloom tomatoes or even purple potatoes in a chef’s kitchen, but chances are, you will spot a happy farmer. You might wonder why chefs allow this. After all, aren’t we all habituated to purcha