MAR. 20–APR. 18

Your power of suggestion is a useful asset now concerning authority, planning and method. Money matters are not such a worry and you may become less compulsive with spending. Relaxation is important as you are trying to do too many things all at once. Settle down, take some time off and enjoy. Expand your horizons, read a good book or watch a movie.


APR. 19–MAY 20

Your daily routine will

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‘I BEAT breast CANCER’
The first time Mathew Knowles spotted a pinprick-size red dot on his shirt, in July 2019, he didn’t think much of it. He found another spot on his shirt the next day, but again, the music producer and father to superstars Beyoncé and Solange let it g
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Afternoon Delight
Nobody can resist the call of a sweet chocolate cake, and you don’t have to with this version from Leah Itsines’ Plant Based Exploration e-cookbook, which contains healthy fats from coconut oil, cold-fighting vitamin C from strawberries and a surpris
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Balance Is Bs
During her many years as a women’s magazine and digital editor, Felicity Harley began to notice we’ve been sold a lie. “There’s this idea I kept hearing, in conversations and in the media and advertising that there’s this work/life ‘balance’ we can a