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Jean Kyoung Frazier

author of two books, including Memorial, forthcoming in October from Riverhead Books.

IT IS startling to come across a familiar voice on the page: not familiar because we’ve heard it before—we absolutely haven’t—but rather because it speaks a narrative we know we will return to, and turn toward, time and time again, for the rest of our lives. Crafting even one of those voices would be a singular achievement, but Jean Kyoung Frazier weaves a chorus from the quotidian to create something new in her novel, Pizza Girl, sculpting characters and a community that we’ll know and love and leave and loathe and forgive and, ultimately, understand. Frazier does this while giving each of her characters humanity and the clarity to act with the benefit of the doubt—the rarest of gestures from a debut author. Frazier lives in Los Angeles, but her work can now live on our bookshelves. In a moment when truly

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