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Cathy Wassell is a business coach and owner of Socially Contented. She’s also an autism advocate and the founder of Teen Calm, a subscription box for anxious teens (teencalm.co.uk).

Hate it when they go

I’m a single mum and my kids spend the weekend with their dad. I’ve never had a problem with it until he got a girlfriend. Now I can’t stand that she is there acting like a mum to my

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HOT TOPIC Since the late 1900s, doctors and health officials have been using BMI to track patient’s health. By dividing an adult’s weight by the square of their height, BMI tells us whether someone is over, under or at a healthy weight. It was first
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www.theastrologyroom.com Catch Claire live on Facebook 21 March–20 April Sometimes, you have to let go of the good in order make way for the great. Use your mind to think more outside the box. I know you can do it. Your ruling planet Mars allows you