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Look Great Today
Q How can I get natural, thicker-looking eyebrows after years of plucking them? Elizabeth, 62, Aberdeen A As we mature, our eyebrows naturally become more sparse and the pigment starts to fade. This, combined with years of over-plucking or waxing, me
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Over To You
Can you set a puzzle in this format? Send it, with a photo of yourself, to the address on p3 – there’s £20 for every one we use! This week’s puzzle was compiled by Tom Hardman, Bournemouth 1 Put through your letterbox 2 Opposed to 3 Closing a door fo
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Justice At Last
With no chance of getting away and no one to save me, I didn’t fight as Colin made me take off my jeans. I did as I was told. I knew there was no point in screaming or crying. Begging him to stop would only encourage him more. So I bit back tears as