The current coronavirus crisis begs the question: is it inevitable that the salvation of America’s healthcare and economic meltdown won’t come from federal agencies, big business, or academia, but from the charitable largesse of billionaires like Bill Gates?

The man behind Microsoft has a history of drawing on his personal wealth to help cure diseases that have long eluded both governments and the World Health Organization. Gates and his wife, Melinda Gates, established their foundation in 2000 to foster biomedical innovations against infectious disease, and find inventive ways to distribute

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COVER: Faux fur coat, APPARIS. Patent leather stilettos, MAISON ERNEST, COVER STORY: P.50: Lace bra and panties, MAISON CLOSE,; necklace, MON PRÉCIEUX GEM, P.51: Silk
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Crown Jewels
Stroll through London’s famed Burlington Arcade in the heart of Mayfair, an enclosed array of exclusive shops that has catered to well-dressed gentlemen for over 200 years, and one’s eye cannot help but be drawn to the extraordinary display of watche
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History is full of great men who not only achieved massive success, but left behind a legacy of innovation and progress that outlive the men themselves. Becoming such an icon in a single field is enough to ensure one’s place in the annals of history…