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Louisville GATEWAY to the South

TAY Part of Louisville’s charm is due to its mix of bygone brilliance and modern energy, a marriage on full display in the ornate lobby of The Brown Hotel ). Upon opening in 1923, the elegant Georgian Revival building, now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, quickly became the

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The Optimistic JET-SETTER
Though she pays her bills from her apartment in Long Island City, New York, Christina Galbato, a 2015 Villanova University graduate with a bachelor’s in communications and public relations, loves spending big blocks of weeks in Naples each year. You’
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SCREAM Machine
To fully prepare for the face-melting experience of piloting the 2021 Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S, skip the dealer test drive and head to Daytona Beach. Here, behind the gates of the thrill-seeker’s paradise that is Screamer’s Park, you’ll find the Daytona
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Lasting LOVE
Few Florida restaurants survive more than a decade, and many close long before that. Kelly’s Fish House, founded in 1953, is the oldest restaurant in Naples and a genuine slice of Old Florida. “My stepfather was a commercial fisherman,” says Kelly El