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I’ve covered a wide range of topics in my column. All of these, to a greater or lesser degree, play a part in the successful marketing of fruit and vegetables. However, most of them would be

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Challenging Times For SA’s Table Grape Industry
The South African table grape industry has experienced a “challenging and rough” season, according to South African Table Grape Industry (SATI) spokesperson Clayton Swart. He was speaking as a panel member during a monthly webinar hosted by the Produ
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Crossword 405
3. Watered by means of canals and watercourses (9) 9. The speckled -------- (Columba guinea) is a common bird of urban areas (6) 10. Horse native to the Middle East noted for its grace and speed (4) 11. Instruction, especially at a school or universi
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Sugar Cane And Cash Crop Rotation Helps Improve Soil Health
Sugar cane was first planted in South Africa in 1848, and for most of the time since then was produced in a monocropping system. It was only in more recent years that agriculturalists and farmers began to understand the importance of biodiversity bot