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Bone Blocker
Spinach, Swiss chard, beetroot tops, kale and rhubarb are all high in oxalic acid, which can inhibit calcium absorption in our bones. Reduce oxalates by lightly steaming these before eating – and eat only the young, baby spinach leaves raw, as these
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Mindful Moment
Tuning into our sensory experience can help to shift our attention (that often lingers too long on the past and the future) towards the present moment. This simple act can help us appreciate the gifts all around. Kick off your shoes and feel the sens
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Feel Open And Uplifted
If the past year has left you feeling weary and closed off from the world, this practice is for you. I’ve chosen a series of backbends for this month’s sequence as I find them particularly energising. As the name suggests, backbends are poses that en