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Why 40 years old is the new 20!

looked at some old Sabre 27 brochures to check the price history of the design, which is shown in Diagram 1. In 1970 a new Sabre with good sail-away equipment would have cost a little more than

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Buying A Tug Called Con
My real life with boats began when I met my husband in 1976, although I’d been involved with boats previously in a lesser way. A friend had an old fishing boat and we used to fish in the Thames Estuary in the days when there seemed to be plenty of fi
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Broken Halyard Lasso
If a halyard snaps and there’s someone prepared to climb the mast safely, retrieval is not too much of an issue. For the rest of us, perhaps this device might help. Fix one end of a wire loop to a snap shackle eye and the other end to a control line
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Summer Cruise Preparation
Sailing greater distances and spending longer periods than usual on board can trigger some of the breakdowns and breakages that are, to some extent, an inevitable part of boating. However, there’s much that can be done a few weeks in advance of a sum